Ablation X on Independent Games Festival

October 20th, 2007 by nenad

Ablation X
As some of you may already know, Ablation X will participate in Independent Games Festival 2008 competition. Because of the late decision to finish it for the competition, deadline came quickly and I had no choice but to submit an early alpha.

Ergo the build that currently resides on the IGF server has a heavy “work in progress” aura to it. Some of the key gameplay features, like secondary weapons and the whole charge/powerup mechanic, needed to be turned off. They were not fully functioning at the time. Also the player cannot die and enemy attack waves are fairly basic so no real threat there.

The new version is coming in about two weeks. It’ll be much closer to a proper demo and probably available for public download. I just hope not many a judge dismissed the whole game after fiddling with the alpha thingy. Yet. Fingers crossed :)

For those of you who now sit and wonder “What the heck is Ablation X?”. There – It’s a computer game, currently in development, heavily inspired by the classic 16-bit arcade shoot ’em ups. Specifically those of vertical scrolling, pre-bullet-hell flavour. Unlike it’s colourful role models, the game will use a sort of flat, minimalistic vector graphics. This allows for some interesting little gameplay twists although, in it’s essence, Ablation X is a very retro inclined game.