What up with Ablation X d00d?

April 18th, 2008 by nenad

Well it was just an ordinary day when all of a sudden Aesqe popped up on my messenger wanting me to upload one of the Ablation X videos we did for music testing purposes. So I did. And after looking at it I knew it was time to update my freakin’ hibernating website. So I’m doing it.

Ablation X didn’t made it past the first circle at IGF. Rightfully so because the thing submitted was basically a rudimentary alpha. Anyway, I continued sporadically working on the game afterwards and hopefully will do so until it’s done. Slowly, slowly. That’s about all the PR I’ll emit at the moment :)

The video above is depicting a current state of the game. The level in the video was played by Aesqe. He kinda sucks at shmuping hence the lame action. But the musical track he did, albeit still in the early stages, is downright gorgeous.